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Hey guys Hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed the game! 

Fun Game!

Muy divertido! corto pero intenso! Gracias creador!

Though short, I liked this horror game. The retro feel was the first part I liked. Then, for me, it was that every time I went grocery shopping (man, I was I ever hungry!), something changes, gets just a tad What makes it worse on you, is of course (spoiler!) lights go off at one point and you discover what is REALLY wrong with the grocery store! I completed this game in about ten minutes. 

So scary. love it

Scary game and so much fun, i loved it!

It is indeed scary, anyway I love the game

The lady at the till is literally me, all day, every day


Cool game and I loved the creepy atmosphere.

This game was actually fun to play!

Great Game ! 

Awesome Game!

Nice game

Good horror

Suara latarnya pas masuk bagian seramnya bikin merinding, dan tidak disangka ternyata tokonya perlahan-lahan menjadi ditinggalkan dan seram..



Buena experiencia, buen juego.

great expericance , liked it very much . but if you can lower the volume of the music cuz it's TOO LOUD . and thx <3

what happen at end overall great game

that was great, well done!

Very noice :)

I thoroughly enjoyed the game; the graphics brought a wave of nostalgia, and the tempo was spot on. It had me on edge and sweating at times, anticipating the next scare. A well-crafted game indeed!


Starts at 36:36 (played two other games before this one). Fun little game that actually jump scared me a few times. I didn't experiment with like the various things u can do like buying things u aren't there for or using the bathroom so i'm sure i missed some stuff but overall i'd give like a 7/10. The ambiance on like the final night was crazy.

Very good, great concept and atmosphere. Are there any other similar games?

It looks too kind to be scared of what is happening

I loved the build up towards the end which was so stressful but in a good, scary way. I loved the graphic and art style of the game. Nice job.

Here's my gameplay of it:

i like it

Plz sir can i have some more

Enjoyed playing your game well done !

Cool concept, keep it up

Fun little game! I have a very common name so I had no idea the name was generated based on who is playing until reading these other comments haha. Good job! 


OMG so good ! I was so scared when I saw my name, oh my God, how did you do ?? lmao :D


love the game it was so so good keep up the good work 

This game is like a spooky twist on an old movie concept. It's such a great enjoyable game. The music when the power goes out is quite loud and you can only change mouse sensitivity. 

This was the third game i played and it got me good. Nice work

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