A downloadable psychological horror for Windows

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You go to the local supermarket every day, but you notice that something changes. You should figure out the truth about this place


WASD - move

LMB - interact

RBM - throw

Esc - pause and settings


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Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(167 total ratings)
Tags16-bit, Atmospheric, Creepy, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), psychedelic, Psychological Horror, Retro, Short, weird


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Interesting little horror game, liked the progression of the story and the free will to buy anything I wanted! Still curious if there was multiple endings or a future with new endings. Had some creepy and unsettling elements to it. Good Job Nihilanth

A somewhat silly, fun, but strongly-creepy game, with a nice bit of freedom, and a simple but haunting style!

There's something about this day-to-day routine style of game, where things slowly change over time - really hits just right with me. Sound design really brought it home, especially towards the end. But the empty and strange feeling space overall carried a haunting feeling throughout. And I do love the simplistic and grainy graphic style - the shifting and distorted textures really nailed the vibe!

Excellent stuff, really enjoyed!

Welp...Never shopping at night...alone...ever...

This was a fun little play. Grocery stores late at night always gave off a little creepy vibe.

I really liked the game, and the jumpscare really got me, it got tiring after a while but it soon passed, the ending plot got me a little too

my bandicam was laggy but good game 

The horrors of grocery shopping... | Experiment Groceries

this do be the experience going into Walmart😂😂 great game keep up the good work!

I liked the gradual change over time in this game and it was very enjoyable to find out what was going on. It was creepy and fun. 

I liked this one quite a bit. Audio was pretty loud towards the end though


A very well-made game in-which the concept that is used is one that I have been waiting to see be used for a long time. And this game proves that the concept can really hold up once actually brought to-life in a game! 5/5

Gameplay en español

Overall it was a simple, decent game, great if the last day didn't try to burst my eardrums.

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Be fr when i say this creator is a virus or sum cuz ow tf u got my yt name in the game??

This was such a wild game! It was kinda monotonous at first and then it completely flipped the switch on me. It was so good

Fun game. Had me panicking.

freakin awesome

This game started out very fun and funny and turned into a crazy dark experience! love it! 

Most realistic walmart game ive ever played. Solid 10/10

I peed on a taco

realistic 2am walmart experience, 10/10

Very nice game! I liked it! :D The video!

Loved it

Muito bom!

5 estrellas 

buen juego

Had an amazing time playing this game. Sweet vibes and pretty good jump scares too. Good job dev.


I had a lot of fun playing this game! I really enjoyed how the super market got Stanger and stranger with every visit. I also thought that the story was intriguing and I would definitely be interested in playing more if you ever decide to expand it.


i'm horrible at horror games cause they easy freak me out and this was no exception! super fun even if i was terrified. this games gives the player such an unsettling feeling and it really just makes that much better! def recommend playing w/o spoilers!!

I was on the edge of my seat playing this game it’s amazing I don’t wanna spoil anything but there’s a questions that are left unanswered that I would love to see I played your game last in my video keep up the good work!!

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It was such an amazing experience! Super cool plot! Congrats xD


I loved this game so freaking much ! The story is so great ! I am not going to give out any spoilers. I would definitely recommend to play this game. It gives you a different feeling and fear. Loved it !!! 


This game had a whole different vibe to it, bringing in a different way to feel. When that music came in there was no longer the vibe of unsettling worry, instead, there was the feeling of death. I did enjoy this game.

I think i liked the game

had huge amount of beef with that cashier 

but yes good game


I love the progression of the spooks, gg


I really loved your game ^^ i was really confused about the experiment part though. Why are we the experiment if cashier lady can literally 360 her head?? LMAO

Spooky....JUST SPOOOKY MAN....

*Game starts at 9:19*

Nice creepy game! Played this on my channel for a 3 Scary Games video! (This game is the 3rd one I play)

Check out MORE SCARY GAMES from me here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFR4a3pInPo6-9YWrL4Pj2szeRIX-_RF-

Very unsettling realizing that you were being watch as some sort of sick social experiment! Great job guys! 

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Fun short experience! Well made but could have more of a story. There's definitely potential in this ga

This is my gameplay!


Was alright, kept me on my toes and the art was nice.

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