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You go to the local supermarket every day, but you notice that something changes. You should figure out the truth about this place


WASD - move

LMB - interact

RBM - throw

Esc - pause and settings


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Updated 9 days ago
Published 12 days ago
AuthorNihilanth's games
Tags16-bit, Atmospheric, Creepy, Horror, PSX, psychedelic, Psychological Horror, Retro, Short, weird


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I feel like I need to play this a few more times to fully know what happened there but despite the confusion, this game was still very enjoyable and I really liked the character designs. I鈥檇 love to have a follow-up to get a bit more behind the whole thing, though because it really does lend itself to a sequel. 

It was not bad for a short horror game. The atmosphere remained normal through half the game and made me wonder when the atmosphere would get heavy. Unfortunately it was only for a few minutes or so, but it still gave me a bit of chills. Thumbs up!

Good game, and very spooky, especially when the lights went off, thing is, I kinda instinctively pressed "f" to see if there was a flashlight sooo I knew what was coming (got scared anyways lmao)

Great game had a real fun time playing it. 

Heh, got spooked few times.

I can't really place my finger on what it is, but there is something very cool about this game. There were some surprises for sure and a good story with a bit of mystery. I wish I had taken the time to explore more before completing tasks bc there are other little things that I missed. The first game in this video is my playthrough of it!

Overall the game was a nice short experience. I liked the visual style and everything at the beginning felt pretty normal until changes in the subsequent nights started happening. Shifting the atmosphere near the end was a nice touch. In general, learning more about who we are, or why we're investigated would've been cool as well. 

The game was pretty fun and well made! How things go from seemingly normal at first then it progresses to strange and then gets weirder and then it all drops and becomes really spooky!

The graphics really made things seem off and spookier. The void of music at first and then it suddenly goes loudly also helped alleviate the tension.

The twist at the end was pretty well made and also it was well ramped up to if the players decide to explore; the cameras in the restroom and the open windows one could look into.

The only thing I would say that would help tie everything together would be to give a reason as to why the main character is being investigated as well as who the ghost lady was. Another thing would be to make the suspicions that the player is being watched more apparent as well as progress more. There could have been more things that changed subtly or placed around that could have alluded to the fact more.

That being said, it was a solid and well made game and was fun to play!

amazing game for a small memory game makes you feel safe at first game starts at 14:33

the game was good for a mere 42 mb game!! it is a must try game. Also checkout the video through the link :)

hilarious new video up check it out you will cry laughing

This was a fun horror game. At first I wasn't sure what to expect, but it turned out to be pretty intense. Once the lights went out and the music started, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for something to come at me. You did a nice job turning a normal, every day task into a nightmare. Keep up the good work, Nihilanth!


Nice little game continue with making

hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 馃檹馃槝

loved the story and atmosphere

 great job mate 

This game was fun and scared the crap outta me. Check out my gameplay if you're a goat.

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I'd like one taco and I'll take those crumpled cans too. Thanks.

made this video a while ago and was very fun to make

Had a blast! If you'd like to support the channel check out the reaction video! 

Made a video

lmao. this game reminds me of my supermarket job. L+Ratio+Bozo. good game

This game was pretty good. It was pretty slow at the start but after it picked up, it was good. nice job! 

loved the story and atmosphere

 great job mate 

Short & sweet horror game. Loved it!! 

This really ties in to the fear if simulation and being watched, Love the slow paced Horror and the scares it gave. Still wanted a bit of story in the game but that might be because I haven't explored much of it. All n all loved the game!

cool game

My first horror game. I hate it cause it scared me, I love it because I enjoyed it.

kinda want some donuts now.. from a specific store..

Nice game !

The vids start at 12:33. 

All I want to say.... this scared me until I speechless when my name suddenly appear. that changed my mood from calm to immediately try to find the exit as I CAN!!! 

Good job on this game!!! And also continue the hard work my friend!!!

Love From Malaysia.

HERMOSO juego me hizo bastante de mear XD muchas gracias por compartir 

I liked it. Simple but nicely done. 


Awesome game mate. Its simple yet pretty scary.


i didn't pee once. i feel bad. fun game though.

hilarious new video up check it out you will cry laughing 

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How did you come up with this incredible and addictive horror game?

This scared me more than I thought it would!!

I played this horror game in a 2-hour stream, and I started playing @ 1:04:27 if you want to watch!!

This is a 10/10 horror game all around tbh...The graphics and information gave off was quick and sweet and that's how I like it personally!! Keep doing your thing fam! 


Had so much fun playing this game keep it up 

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